ASHÉ - A Great Success!


ASHÉ  was a resounding success!  The play, by Ricardo Pérez González, had audiences on their feet in appreciation for the work of the remarkable cast and crew.
Glenn Quentin of called the production, “hands down one of the best plays this season” and “a must see, a theater-goers paradise!”  You can read his full review here.

We have big things planned for this winter and spring:

  • First up, it’s the return of our “Dead of Winter” Reading Series, in which we will present readings of four new plays.  Details on dates and venue to be announced soon!
  • Coming this Spring is BROAD CHANNEL by Artistic Director, James Bosley.   A struggling Queens family comes to blows when they discover a cherished painting brought home by Grandpa George, a hero of WWII, is a valuable work of art…and was stolen from a victim of the Holocaust.
  • Also in the works – more magic with Matt Higgins.  A little Improv, and a smidge or two of “Showing UP”  – coming your way this winter.

As details firm UP, we will post them here.  So check back often.