Detained in the Press

detained poster.png

UP’s been in the press with the announcement of our next production, Detained.

Broadway World // UP Theater Company Announces Cast of DETAINED

“In 2006, the Department of Homeland Security opened the first family detention center for undocumented immigrants – at a former prison in Texas, surrounded by razor wire fencing and operated by the nation’s largest for-profit corrections company. None of the detainees have criminal records, yet they are treated as if they do. They’re required to wear orange prison jump suits. Their meals, recreation, and family time are rigorously regulated. Their communication with the outside world is strictly limited. There is no privacy.” Read more.

Theater Mania // Casting Announced for World Premiere of Detained

“In Detained, Doug and Maria, teenagers from different lands, forge an alliance to help each other’s families survive incarceration and escape deportation. In the face of oppression and humiliation, the teenagers unite against a deeply fractured system in their fight for freedom.” Read more